In northeastern Nigeria, a protracted conflict has intensified, leading to increased displacement and a growing protection crisis. Civilians face ongoing violence, forced displacement, and exploitation, with all conflict parties contributing to this dire situation. The shrinking humanitarian space and deteriorating security conditions make it challenging to deliver aid. In this complex context, the role of information management services provided by organizations like 3iSolution becomes pivotal, as they enable coordination, data sharing, and efficient responses amidst these challenging conditions.

Current Projects


The Nigeria INGO Forum (NIF), hosted by 3iSolution, plays a crucial role in coordinating and advocating for humanitarian organizations in the protracted conflict in north-east Nigeria. The NIF’s efforts are vital in a complex and evolving humanitarian landscape where there’s a growing need for collaboration, representation, and adherence to humanitarian principles. The NIF’s work has been highly rated by its members. It also recently assumed a co-chair role in a coordination platform led by UNICEF, further enhancing its support for organizations active in the region.

Rapid Response Mechanism and R Shiny Web Mapping Support and Capacity Development (UNICEF)
3iSolution successfully enhanced the Rapid Response Mechanism (RRM) in northeastern Nigeria by addressing critical Information Management (IM) gaps. The project had two components: UNICEF and RRM.
In the UNICEF Component, 3iS designed and implemented a UNICEF Geospatial Mapping system using the R Shiny App, improving program intervention monitoring and spatial decision-making.
In the RRM Component, 3iS collaborated closely with UNICEF and RRM partners, offering IM support, assessment assistance, and capacity-building training to equip partners with essential IM skills for more effective emergency responses.
This project’s success was the result of dedicated teamwork involving 3iS, UNICEF, and partner organizations, effectively addressing IM gaps and enhancing emergency responses in the region.