Strategy & Systems Services

Welcome to 3iS, your dedicated partner in Strategy & Systems for Humanitarian Response. As the community manager of our NGO.Our specialized services designed to help organizations formulate robust strategies and implement efficient systems, ensuring a coordinated and impactful approach to humanitarian challenges.

Strategic Planning

Collaborate with our experts to develop comprehensive strategic plans aligned with your organization's mission and objectives. We assist in setting clear goals, defining key performance indicators, and outlining actionable steps to guide your humanitarian initiatives.

Needs Assessment

Conduct thorough needs assessments to identify gaps and opportunities within the communities you serve. Our data-driven approach ensures that your strategies are informed by a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements on the ground.

Resource Mobilization Strategies

Develop effective resource mobilization strategies to secure the necessary funding and support for your projects. We assist in identifying potential donors, crafting compelling proposals, and establishing partnerships to ensure sustainable financial backing.

Organizational Development

Strengthen your organization's capacity through targeted organizational development initiatives. From optimizing internal processes to enhancing team dynamics, we work to ensure that your organization is well-equipped to navigate the complexities of humanitarian response.

Information Systems Implementation

Streamline your operations with customized information systems tailored to the unique needs of humanitarian work. Our solutions cover data management, communication, and coordination, ensuring a cohesive and efficient workflow within your organization.

Risk Management and Contingency Planning

Anticipate and mitigate potential risks with our comprehensive risk management and contingency planning services. We assist in identifying vulnerabilities, developing response plans, and building organizational resilience to adapt to unforeseen challenges.

At 3iS, we understand that effective strategy and systems are the backbone of successful humanitarian response. By partnering with us, your organization gains access to a suite of services that empower you to plan strategically, implement efficiently, and adapt proactively to the ever-changing landscape of humanitarian work.

Forge resilient strategies, implement efficient systems. Together, let’s navigate the path to a more effective and impactful humanitarian response.

Elevate your M&E practices, amplify your impact. Together, let’s ensure that your humanitarian initiatives are not only well-intentioned but also effectively contributing to the well-being of those in need.