The Kuwait Dashboard Project, led by 3iSolution in collaboration with the Kuwait Environment Public Authority (KEPA) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), aims to create an interactive dashboard visualizing a comprehensive State of Environment Report (SoE). This initiative is crucial for conveying environmental information to decision-makers, identifying emerging issues, and addressing knowledge gaps related to environmental conditions and trends in Kuwait. The SoE report, produced using the Integrated Environmental Assessment methodology and the DPSIR framework developed by UNEP, will serve as a foundational document for shaping future environmental policies and strategies. The dashboard will focus on five key priority themes: Air, Biodiversity, Coastal and Marine, Water Resources, and Land and Soil, each displayed using the DPSIR framework, allowing stakeholders easy access and interaction with the information.

Current Projects

Key activities in the project:
  • Conducting an initial assessment and defining indicators to measure environmental conditions and trends.
  • Defining the information technology (IT) platform and creating all the necessary functionalities for the SoE Dashboard, ensuring accessibility and usability.
  • Developing and delivering capacity-building and training materials to equip stakeholders with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate and utilize the dashboard effectively.
In summary, the Kuwait Dashboard Project, undertaken by 3iSolution for KEPA and in partnership with UNEP, is a crucial initiative to enhance environmental reporting and policymaking in Kuwait. It leverages state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies to provide decision-makers and the public with valuable insights into the state of the environment, fostering informed and sustainable environmental policies and strategies.