3iSolution’s mission is to lead and facilitate the understanding of information through an innovative approach, using advances in technology to drive strategic and transformational decisions that improve the lives of people and the success of decision makers. We use data and innovative technology solutions to generate knowledge, empowering organizational leaders and change agents to achieve their objectives in development environments, crisis situations and organizational growth.  

3iSolution’s vision envisions a future where the convergence of strategic information, strategic innovation and pioneering technology enables individuals, organizations and agencies to reach their full potential. We envision scenarios where timely and reliable information is the engine that drives organizational success and continuous improvement, thus transforming not only individual lives, but also entire communities and societies towards sustainable progress and self-directed learning. 


Collaboration and support

We value collaboration with our humanitarian, development and academic partners, providing them with services and solutions tailored to their specific contexts.

Agility and effectiveness

We promote the ability to define and make better decisions that allow us to act quickly and effectively in the face of natural disasters, emergencies and development challenges, in order to improve the conditions of affected communities.  

Responsibility in the application of innovation and technology

We value the responsible and ethical use of innovation and technology to address humanitarian and development challenges, ensuring that these tools are used effectively and to the benefit of the communities, organizations and companies we serve.