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with 15 years of existence we are your key Information Management service provider for the humanitarian and development sectors!

We provide support to all sectors!

From Development to Humanitarian using the best of innovation and technology.

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New Program with IOM Costa Rica on Venezuela migrants crisis


About our Expertise

Our goal is to assist your organization to measurably improve the lives of people and communities who rely on your interventions. We support our humanitarian and development partners with context specific services and solutions.
To save lives, partners must act quickly and effectively when responding to natural disasters, emergencies and development challenges! for doing so, they need to use the best of technolgy and innovation to make it faster and cheaper!

About Us

is a not-for-profit organization created in Sept 2008 and registered in France as Association by law of 1901 under the name of iMMAP France and still operating legally under that name.
We are funded by the most valuable and renowned European donors, such as the French MOFA, EU (ECHO with whom we have the 2021-2027 Partnership Certificate), the Foreign Policy Instrument, DG NEAR, GIZ, SDC, and United Nations organizations: UNICEF, UNDP, UNOPS, UNEP and others…
Currently, we are working with the humanitarian and development sector in 10 different countries and have been active in more than 25 countries during the last 15 years. We have implemented more than 300 projects and have currently 150 staffs working worldwide!
Our work focuses in using innovation and the technology knowledge, which is built by the private and academic sectors, so to enhance the power of information to make direct and concrete impact at the beneficiaries’ level, who are the organization that we support. Our Expertise, your Impact!




We leverage our multi-sectoral expertise and team to deliver services to meet your most critical needs

Climate Change is the top priority of our mission! We are delivering monitoring solutions programs to better understand climate issues in the Middle East where agriculture productivity is in danger and where natural ressources are more and more lacking!


Active in many humanitatian crisis around the world such as Venezuela, Ethiopia, Syria and more...we provide Information Management services using innovation to improve tools and methodology at each step from data collection, analysys and to reporting!


By bringing a combination of expertise in urban analysis, information management, and collaborative and inclusive approaches to better understand information needs on the ground, to make information more relevant and more accessible, and to build the capacity of local partners to use that information.


How to make it sustainable? We train our partners, NGOs, Governement instutions to deliver by themself: Capacity building is our priority to deliver concrete development impact!


Our partners and donors: